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Befriend your child

Yes, your child is your own blood and you know him better than he knows himself.  Yes, I agree. But all you know him is as a child. You would know at exactly what time he would be hungry and what kind of clothes he needs to wear and when he needs to sleep. But do we ever try  to approach children like individuals. One on one like another human being on this earth. Try to look at your child like a stranger, some one you don’t know. Try to talk them with a view to understand their  feelings, see how many things you did not know will surface.

You have probably wondered why your child wouldn’t tell what goes on in his school or what he does among his friends, that’s because he can’t find a friend in you. So, try to do some bonding with him. Have little fun games and spend some time with them. And try to understand them first. In all this you have to treat the child like an Individual and them you will see that it is a lot easier for you to get things done and see results the way you want. And being a task master is sure necessary and you know when!