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Gandhi: the next Ram

‘God was only a man in a different day and age’, may be this is true. Lord Ram was a king who ruled the entire India or so it is believed. Ram is now worshiped as he showed the righteous way of life, he was the ideal king and the ideal son. Now I wonder if the generations to come will worship Gandhi, (Father of the Nation) as God. He leaded India in its fight for freedom through non-violence. He lived a life of simplicity. Though he could easily become a political leader, he stayed away from politics and remained a true leader. So may be there will be temples constructed with Gandhi as a God in the years to come.


culture difference: is it a crime?

All of us are proud of our own cultures and that is the way it should be. But  when we are in our own place among our own people we take lot of things for granted. Once we step out of our comfort zone, we realize how different our cultures can be and how much the divergence would actually effect us.

The way we grow up in India is very different when compared to a lot of other countries. Parents here are very protective,  not just when their children are little kids but their attitude some times does not change at all. Parents usually take the most important decisions relating to the lives of their children some times against the wishes of the children itself. And they insist it is for their own good. Here in India, parents not only fund the entire education of their children and would invest and set up their business if needed, they would also keep earning as much as possible to build assets for their future generations.

So the bond between the parents and the kids is very deep, natural and intense.  For the large part of their lives, parents take care of their kids and expect the same from their kids once they are old enough. So when our relationships are so intense the way we would deal with them would also be different.

Spanking a child may seem like a crime to the Governments of other Nations but for us it a part of disciplining our children. It does not mean that we would beat them up and put them to some kind of torture, but yes we do spank them often and that does not mean we do not love them. While certain aspects of other country’s culture could appear to be crimes to us Indians.  For instance, an average Indian would not dream of letting their infants sleep in another room. So it is some times very important to take the culture aspect of different people when difficult decisions are made. Also, am sure the kids of the poor parents who have been imprisoned are not any better after being separated from their parents.

So lets hope that such complicated issues are dealt with a little more sensitivity at least in the future