India’s Daughter should be banned. I have reasons…

So let me come straight to the point, I think the documentary should be banned because it is worse than a lot of things we have been watching through the years:

Firstly, those prime time crime shows which inform us about the various crimes in such an interesting way, u know, like wait and watch after the break to see what happens next.. Break ke Baad. They are almost like little crash courses on how to do various crimes. They are aired just for the sadistic pleasure of certain people who want to see this thing last before bed. Definitely India’s Daughter is worse than this.

Then, those rape scenes in our Indian movies especially South Indian, especially in the nineties, which were just added for titilation and were an alternative to the today’s item numbers. And the solution for it was most interesting , the girl marries the rapist and the act becomes……sacred, you know. So we have to agree the documentary is worse than this for sure.

Also, those daily soaps where we can learn how an Indian ‘bahu’ has to behave how she has lead her life. These soaps that air every day trying to impose the same thing every day, are surely better than the documentary.

Let’s see, those songs which are so pleasing and nice. They describe woman in such a beautiful way, a woman comparing herself to various delicacies and all.  And also those songs where a boy keeps chasing the girl, against her wish but then at the end of the song she accepts the guy. So this is better than india’s daughter.

So let’s conclude we have been watching lot of stuff and sadly showing these things to our kids too, but now when somebody tries to show us the reality it is banned……

Let’s not stop discussing this and make those little changes in our own lives to make this world a better place.


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