This day that day

I am fortunate enough to have two beautiful daughters, my older one is in second  grade but my little one is with me the whole time, oh I forgot to mention she does go to a preschool twice a week and for three hours. (Her teacher tells me even three days per week will be exhausting for the children!)

Now, I want to talk about our daily routine.  So, Some times our days go this way: my little darling watches TV the whole day. She keeps asking me for something to eat (i observed these days she likes to keep munching some thing while she watches tv for long). She then gets bored of what she is watching and wants some thing else and keeps switching the programs. 

In the mean time I watch my IPad while doing household chores. I watch programs  like Koffee with karan or some Anupama chopra show and take  double the time to do my chores.  Since I don’t want to be disturbed watching what ever I am and you know am ‘busy working’ I just get her what ever she wants and do what ever pleases her. 

Then it’s time for me get my older daughter, and the little one does not want to come coz she wants to watch the same thing she has been watching for hours and already got so bored but still can’t part with it. She is all cranky and fights with her big sister once she is back. All this leads to a very irritated mood that carries forward to the end of the day. And then I complain to my husband about how this girl has become so trouble some, she has been watching tv all day still she is bored and bugs me so much.

Now ,other than the Anupama Varma shows I also watch mommy shows and Tara sharma is my favorite. And I watch an episode about technology and it effects me a little…. 

So, this day starts a bit differently. I try to involve my little one in my chores. Here, she is amused by every thing, washing dishes is funny for her and she loves when she hears the sputtering sounds in the kitchen. She can’t resist touching the flour. She loves cleaning the floor too. She also asks me weird questions, when am done with dishes and trying to clean the sink she says, mom do you wash that too, with such cute innocence.

 And am amused with her funny remarks. My blue washing liquid is like Elsa (frozen) and any thing green is a dinosaur. We laugh and have fun. Am not reminded of my regular programs and she does not miss her TV. We entertain each other. I know some times it is exausting, yes, my whole kitchen gets messy, sometimes it’s flour on the floor and sometimes water on the carpet (something my husband is so upset about) but it’s still ok and much better than she watching play doh and surprise egg vedios. As while playing she is touching things with her own hands and experiencing them rather than just imagining.  

She learns so much, she abviously keeps asking me questions like where do tomatoes come from and why should I put salt in every thing. She also counts with me and reasons with me. And watching me in the kitchen develops much more interest in eating her food. But I learn a lot too. Communicating with her like this teaches me so much about her, other than just talking to her about not touching some thing or why she should eat some thing. She sometimes tells me things that happen in her school, some thing she never likes to talk about other wise how much ever I try.

I know I can’t completely aviod our screen time filled days and I don’t expect to do that either. I rather wish for a balance where she learns switching back to the real world form lazily sitting and more often laying on the couch and imagining herself as one of those characters and literally doing nothing and munching some unhealthy snacks(even better). But kids learn through example, so first I have to learn not to respond to my phone every time it beeps. And to treat an important email from my kids school and a forwarded joke on watsapp differently.


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